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Ray IA assistant game creator Educaplay

Hi, I’m Ray! Just give me a title and I’ll create your game

I just need a topic, a link or a piece of text to get your game ready for you to publish

Romà Rofes June 2, 2023
Word Search Puzzle Educaplay Olympic Sports (square)

The new Word Search Puzzle supports pictures, audio files, and all kinds of alphabets

We just renewed one of the most popular types of games, specially improving the experience on touch devices

Romà Rofes April 12, 2023
Fill in the Blanks game Educaplay Samurai Women (square)

New Fill in the Blanks Game!

Put reading and comprehension skills into play, and boost the learning of words, verbs and even mathematics

Romà Rofes December 20, 2022
Plans square

Subscribe yearly or monthly, with the possibility of easy convenient third-party payment

Send the quote or the Pay for Me link to your organization

Romà Rofes September 27, 2022
Unscramble Words game Educaplay Famous quotes

New Unscramble Words! Play with your listening activities, definitions, and sentences

Easy and engaging to teach any phrase or list of words

Romà Rofes May 20, 2022
Unscramble Letters Game Educaplay Oscar Winning Movies

New Unscramble Letters! Lots of words and a lot of game

Now you can add multiple words in a single game

Romà Rofes April 6, 2022
Equipo creador del juego Froggy Jumps de Educaplay

10,000 Froggy Jumps created in a month: Ten thousand thanks to you!

We, the Educaplay team, are so grateful for this warm welcome

Romà Rofes January 19, 2022
Duplicate: Copy another users' Educaplay game and publish it as yours changing whatever you need (square)

Duplicate another user’s game to publish it as yours changing whatever you need

Simply open the game and press the pencil icon (Duplicate and edit)

Romà Rofes October 13, 2021
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