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Two for the price of one: New versions of Memory and Matching Pairs now in your hands

Both games are now more engaging to play and allow you to use Ray, your AI-powered automatic creator

Romà Rofes June 26, 2023

We’re putting two new versions in your hands at once, Matching Pairs and Memory, bidding farewell to the name “Matching Columns.”

We have changed the creation and gameplay interfaces to the new ones that are more user-friendly, attractive, and better adapted to any device, just as we did with Unscramble Letters, Unscramble Words, Fill in the Blanks, Word Search Puzzle, and Crossword Puzzle.

From now on, these two games allow you to use Rayyour AI-powered automatic creator.

With these updates, we have made structural changes to make it less confusing to create a Memory game. Anyone who chose to create a Memory first had to select an option, “Hidden Cards: Yes,” which wasn’t enabled by default.

The Memory games that were created before this change and had “No” selected for the “Hidden Cards” option are now Matching Pairs games.

Customize the back of the cards

Both games have the functionality to set a background image that appears before clicking “Start” and during gameplay, available for all plans except Basic. Additionally, users with a Commercial Plan can customize the back of the Memory cards.

We are working on creating a new game, which will be released next quarter. At the same time, we are preparing a game revolution for Matching Game (the one that allows relating groups). Stay tuned!