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Adivinanza Educaplay Criaturas fantásticas (cuadrado)

New Riddle! Now you can reveal letters of the solution as a hint

Including two or more riddles in the same game is now possible

Romà Rofes April 29, 2024
Map Quiz Game Educaplay Parts of a boat (square)

New Map Quiz! Much more than just maps

Use it to locate organs in the human body, parts of an engine, or anything you need

Romà Rofes March 19, 2024
Matching game Educaplay Car brands and countries (square)

New Matching Game! Now you can add audios and pictures to your cards

Easier to create thanks to Ray, your assistant powered by AI

Romà Rofes February 12, 2024
Quiz Educaplay The ecological footprint (square)

New Quiz! Try the Game Mode, where each question is corrected right after the answer

Create with Ray and play with our new interface, more attractive and intuitive

Romà Rofes February 5, 2024
Yes or No Educaplay AI (square)

Educaplayers say “Yes” to Yes or No: 30,000 games and 100,000 times played in four months

Your new game is an express binary quiz where you answer like in dating apps

Romà Rofes January 26, 2024
Alphabet game Educaplay (square)

New Alphabet Game: Create it with Ray and with the letters you want

Easier and more flexible so you can make it with the letter of the topic, with the name of your company, and with any alphabet

Romà Rofes November 14, 2023
My guests section in Educaplay (square)

My Guests: Choose the alias of your players, supervise their creations and forget about Sign-Ups

Have them identify themselves with the 9 letters of their Invitation to better control their scores and the games they create

Romà Rofes July 12, 2023
Memory game Educaplay Dog Breeds (square)

Two for the price of one: New versions of Memory and Matching Pairs now in your hands

Both games are now more engaging to play and allow you to use Ray, your AI-powered automatic creator

Romà Rofes June 26, 2023
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