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The new Word Search Puzzle supports pictures, audio files, and all kinds of alphabets

We just renewed one of the most popular types of games, specially improving the experience on touch devices

Romà Rofes April 12, 2023

The new version of the Word Search Puzzle is in your hands. Now you can add multimedia elements in the definitions and use any kind of alphabet. We’ve completely revamped one of your most popular activity types, improving the gaming and creation experience over the previous version, especially on mobile and tablets.

The Word Search Puzzle now has the editor and game interface that we have implemented in Froggy Jumps, Unscramble Letters, Unscramble Words and Fill in the Blanks. From now on you can create this type of game more intuitively from any device, and it is easier and more entertaining to play.

The new version of the Word Search Puzzle includes one of the main improvement requests from Educaplayers: you can give them picturesanimated gifs or audio files as clues, and decide whether or not to show them the words they have to search for.

Now you can use accent marks and characters from alphabets other than Latin, which was another frequent request. The new game fills the rest of the letters of the game with the alphabet you have used. That opens the door to the creation of Word Search Puzzles in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Greek or Hebrew, for example.

You can also create games with more than one Word Search Puzzle. So you can address different aspects of the same theme at the same time, or share your words in two different panels without having to create two separate games.

After launching the renewal of the Word Search Puzzle, in a few weeks we will introduce the new version of the Crossword Puzzle. At the same time, we are working on the creation of a new game, which will be released this sameyear.

Behind the new versions of the Word Search Puzzle and the Crossword Puzzle is the work of Eduardo Gil and Unai Martínez, two students of the Computer Engineering Degree at Universidad de La Rioja who have chosen these two games as their Final Degree Project. Gil and Martínez helped us renew the Fill in the Blanks last year, during the months in which they were doing their internships at Educaplay.