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My Guests: Choose the alias of your players, supervise their creations and forget about Sign-Ups

Have them identify themselves with the 9 letters of their Invitation to better control their scores and the games they create

Romà Rofes July 12, 2023

Share the 9 letters of the Invitations to your regular players so that they identify themselves in Educaplay without the need to register and with the alias that you have chosen for each one of them.

Forget about asking them to create an account or giving them instructions on how to write their Nickname to avoid having to guess who is who when checking your score sheet.

Your Guests will also be able to create games under your strict supervisionyou will be the only person who sees the game before you decide whether or not to publish it on your profile.

To use this functionality go to the My Guests tab, click on Add Guests and write an alias for each of them. Share the Invitations by copying and pasting the codes one by one, or click Download list to have them all together.

With the Search button you can filter what appears on the list. If you put a common element in several aliases (for example, “John 1B”, “Peter 1B”), you can write that common element (“1B”) in Search so that it only shows you all the Guests that contain that element in the alias.

When a Guest has played at least one of your games, the Reports button will appear, with which you can see all their games.

Also, every time a Guest sends you a game created by them, you will receive a notification. You will be able to see all the games that Guest has sent you by clicking on their alias. The Guest will not be able to publish their games. Only you can do it by creating a copy on your profile.

We hope you find the My Guests section useful!