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New Unscramble Letters! Lots of words and a lot of game

Now you can add multiple words in a single game

Romà Rofes April 6, 2022

Add multiple words in the same Unscramble Letters thanks to the new version of the game, with an editor and a game interface improved from head to toe. Create games with multiple screens for different concepts (Apple, Pear), and multiple word concepts in the same screen (Gone With the Wind).

Your players press on a letter to change it for the one in the active square, or drag and drop it to replace it with the one they want. On a computer, they can also use the keyboard to type the words.

You have an optional space to give a question or clue combining text, audio or pictures (even animated gifs).

The game editor has lives and time limits turned off by default, but you can change this for an extra dose of excitement, allowing them a maximum number of mistakes, or a given number of seconds to solve each word.

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