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New Map Quiz! Much more than just maps

Use it to locate organs in the human body, parts of an engine, or anything you need

Romà Rofes March 19, 2024

Do not be fooled by its name. The Map Quiz is about much more than just maps. You can have your players locate countries on a map, but also organs in the human body, parts in an engine, rooms in a house… The possibilities are endless!

Creating and playing the Map Quiz from your cellphone is easier than ever thanks to the new version, developed with our “mobile-first” philosophy that makes it fully optimized for this kind of device.

One of the new features is that, in addition to audio, you can now use images to identify a point, either by themselves or accompanied by text. For example, you can give your players a picture of a heart and have them place it in the right spot on a human body.

Additionally, you can now add a Description to the name of the point that will be shown before solving it, and a Feedback text that will be displayed once your player completes it.

In the Explore mode, your players simply navigate through the points, reading the information. In the Play mode, they have to identify them just clicking on them or typing the name of each point. If you prefer, you can make them first Explore to learn, and then Play to evaluate.

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