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New Matching Game! Now you can add audios and pictures to your cards

Easier to create thanks to Ray, your assistant powered by AI

Romà Rofes February 12, 2024

Multimedia has come to your Matching Game! You can now use audios and pictures (even animated gifs) in this new version, where you have to select all the cards that belong to the group mentioned at the top of the panel.

Another new feature is that you can add Wrong cards. That is, cards that do not belong to any of the groups, but work as distractors.

Creating your Matching Game is now easier than ever thanks to your intuitive editor and to Ray, your assistant powered by AI.

Just give Ray a title, and it will create cards with elements belonging to different groups related to that text.

You can also give Ray a piece of text to create the Matching game from its content. For example, you can give him a list of groups and elements so Ray creates the game with them.

By default, your Matching Game will not penalize your players’ errors, which is perfect for a learning context. However, you can switch on Penalize mistakes if, for example, you want to use the game for evaluation purposes.

Create your Matching Game now! With Ray, you’ll have it ready in seconds.