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Duplicate another user’s game to publish it as yours changing whatever you need

Simply open the game and press the pencil icon (Duplicate and edit)

Romà Rofes October 13, 2021
Duplicar: hacer copia de juego de Educaplay de otro usuario para publicarla como tuya cambiando antes lo que quieras (apaisado)

Being able to copy other users’ games to make them your own is one of the features that you educaplayers have asked for the most. Now you can do it with just two clicks.

Just open the game you want to copy and click on the “Duplicate and edit” button (the pencil icon).

This will create a draft of that game in your profile, and will open it in the editor so you simply press on “Publish” as it is, or changing whatever you want first, if needed.

Thanks to this feature, now you can make the most of the millions of public games in our repository.

Until now you were able to play them and to be inspired by them. You were able to share them too, but you didn’t have control over it or access to the Reports section.

Now you can simply use them as if they were yours, so you will be able to check all your players’ scores and be sure that nobody but you changes it or deletes them.

Having a user create a version of your game is an honor worthy of recognition. Therefore, when someone duplicates your game, the title and link to your original game will be displayed in the copy.

Specifically, in the “Created by …” section, the text “This game is a version of …” will appear, followed by the title with the link.

Allowing other users to copy games is a general request and is consequent with our philosophy that users can create and play as many times as they want for free if their creations contribute to the community. However, users who do not want to allow their games to be duplicated can avoid it setting them as “Private”, “Hidden” or “Only you”.